Justin D. Jacobson


Husband, Father, Lawyer, Author.

I was born in 1970 in Hollywood, Florida, son of a lawyer and a psychologist. I worked in my dad’s law firm during the summer to earn money for comic books and lead miniatures. Somewhere around half my waking hours during my teens were spent playing Dungeons & Dragons. I got into the Magic: the Gathering craze at Princeton University, where I graduated cum laude with a degree in Philosophy. I met my wife while attending the Duke University School of Law and went on to practice with my father in South Florida. I have since taken over and rebranded the firm as LAWCRAFT. I got back into D&D with the release of 3rd edition. On a whim, I decided to get into publishing under the name Blue Devil Games, a nod to my law school alma mater. In the years that followed, I worked on all sorts of projects from abstract board games to galaxy-spanning rpgs to an epic fantasy novel.

I enjoy game design because it serves as both a creative and intellectual outlet, working both sides of the brain. Thank you for visiting my site. You may contact me at justin@bluedevilgames.com.