Minions (4e)

minions portfolio

I had the pleasure of working with Fred Hicks and Rob Donoghue of Evil Hat Productions on a Fourth Edition venture under the cheeky name of One Bad Egg. We released some great products, including a reboot of Poisoncraft for the new ruleset. Alas, the third-party market for Fourth Edition was just not what it was for Third Edition, and we had to shutter the project after a fun if brief run. No tears for Fred and Rob. They really got Evil Hat Productions off and running to wild success after we parted ways. I choose to think of it as a mere coincidence.

At the time we closed down eggy operations, I was halfway through a book on minions. Most of the chapters were half-baked, but I did complete the chapter featuring new monsters, including the 40th-level minion, the Godling. If you play 4e, the creatures in this pdf should be a welcome addition to your game.

Minion Statblocks (pdf)